Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 5: walking around in field

Today is only weekday inbetween the big long holiday.
Soprano was taken to walk out in neighborhood after kids came home from school.

Mommy's friend's daughters, Mi and Chi showed us wonderful rice field around their house.
There's some vegetable field around our house in Tokyo, but this rice field here in Kochi is totally different.
So big and real!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Seven Day Trip to West Japan - Day 3 & 4

After mommy's show in Osaka, we headed to Kochi, on Shikoku Island.
Mommy's old friend picked up us at the hotel, and hit the road to Shikoku.

His family is so much fun. 6 & 9 year old sisters were very curious to see Pillow and Soprano. 6 yrs younger sister was so good at faking Amazon yelling we didn't recognize which was really yelling.

Shikoku, the fourth biggest island in Japan is such a beautiful place. People make living by farming and fishing and so many natural forest and rivers are still there.

This is beautiful Shimanto River.
So calm, so beautiful, even devine.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2: mommy's show

Day 2: mommy's show at Nagisa Music Festival in Osaka.

Mommy's good friend and great guitarist from Argentina, Fernando Kabusacki joined mommy's show.

This is the back stage tent. Pillow is in Soprano's yellow back pak.
Beautiful guitar behind Soprano is Fernando's Tokai Les Paul.

On warm and fine day with lots of crowds, mommy and Fernando played the guitar loud!
Pillow totally loved that but Soprano seemed a little nervous. :@

Pillow & Soprano listening to mommy at the stage side - - > YouTube

Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 days travel to West Japan: Day 1

Pillow and Soprano had their longest road trip to Osaka and Kochi on this big Spring holiday week in Japan.

Day 1: Road to Osaka

The first destination is Osaka, where mommy has the show at outdoor music festival.

Get in the carrier, buckle the seat belt, and hit the road with a buch of gears!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cute Penguins on YouTube

These are ADORABLE penguins on YouTube.
(Thanks to the tweet by my Twitter birdie pal who is also adorable, @MiniBrrdie)

Happiest Penguin Ever:

Penguin Goes Shopping:

Monday, October 05, 2009

Pingu & the band

This video really tells how it is like to live with birds.
It may help if you are thinking about having birds.
They are very adorable, affectionate & sweet but sometimes a bit noisy & naughty.
Someone said to live with birds is like living with 2 year old kids. And it lasts for 40 years or maybe more if you get big parrots like my amazon Soprano.

Anyways, watch this video. They are so cute!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Mommy's iPod Touch Shuffle Play List - August 7, 2009

While Pillow and Soprano are playing their toys by themselves,
here's music played in the house.
(by iPod Touch shuffle mode)

1. Janet Jacson, Play Selection
2. Arthur Russel, All-Boy All-Girl
3. The Doors, Not To Touch The Earth
4. Chicago, Someday (Aug 29, 1968)
5. Buffalo Daughter, Silver Turkey
6. Dr. Evil, Just The Two Of Us
7. Marilyn Monroe, I'm gonna File My Claim
8. The Doors, Roadhouse Blues [Take 1-3]
9. Herbert von Karajan: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Brahms: Symphony #1 in C Minor
10. Dick Hyman, Evening Thoughts
11. Radiohead, Jigsaw Falling Into Place
12. Higamos Hogamos, B'aby
13. Kanyes West, Jesus Walks
14. Delaware, Souvenir Shop
15. Giya Kancheli, Day Of Wrath IX